In that last post, I talked about Zari’s old designs and I figured, what the heck? So, I’m just posting all the stuff that I did in the past, or at least all that I was able to salvage from old notebooks and such.

Yeah, Zari has red eyes and in the one picture with no hair, I just didn’t have the space to draw their locs out. Zari is perpetually tired due to the gang work and is the Saints bomb specialist. They used to be an assassin before the Saints and before Luana, and that was originally the main reason why they didn’t talk in the first game. Their locs in the beginning are entirely black, then later on in the game they dyed the tips of their hair purple, not because they were with the Saints, but because it was their favorite color before they joined the gang. Then they tried to dye their hair at home and got the mess that is the one colored shot of them in a beanie. Eventually, they mastered purple hair dye, but it took a lot of time and mess ups to get it right and perfect. The scars on their face, the one on their lip, left eye and left eyebrow all came from before the Saints in particularly nasty fight in juvie, the other two came later, after the boat explosion in Saints Row 2.


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