So, as I was going back and drawing Zari, since I’m drawing them in all of the games, I realized that a) their sense of fashion and clothes changes a lot, especially since I’ve played Saints Row 1 a few times and Saints Row 2 like over a hundred times, b) that they’re original story and designs tied into each other and changed when Lu was introduced (not that that’s a bad, thing. I love Luana, it’s just odd to see how different Zari was before Luana and Zari were integrated into the same universe), and c) I really need to write all this shit down somewhere so that I can actually properly keep track of it all. Anway, this is Zari’s full linework version for their clothes in Saints Row 1, just without color. I plan to release all of the versions of Zari at once with color and the separate lineart, just not yet.zari sr1

I still don’t know how to feel about that design change but, whatever. I’ll get around to coloring it once all the other versions are finished.


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