I remember back in the day that I used to go on Wattpad and read what people were writing because it was so interesting and different, all the ways that people would take different tropes or scenarios and get so many different stories and thoughts from them and put it in story form or just into what people thought it could look like. I used to love going on and reading all the werewolf stories too, though it got kind of washed away with the arrival of Twilight, which was a bummer. I always loved the whole transformations that people came up with, some were simple: the person would just go from being a human to a werewolf, others more fantastic were their skin would morph into fur and their nails into sharp claws, and others seemed painful when they would break out of their skin, bleeding as their spines shifted and teeth were pushed out of their mouths to make way for a whole new jaw equipped with fangs and rows of cutting teeth. I don’t know, I just had this really odd dream that I’m trying to put into story format and it made me miss all of the werewolf lore that got washed out in favor of sparkly vampires :/ I miss all the werewolf and vampire hype, back when they were ferocious and mystical beings that would the duality of man or go into dynamics of coming into one’s skin, and I don’t really see it anymore.


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