You get to hear just the right song

That fits your mood

You dance and sing

Forgetting to keep your voice down

Dancing in a space too small for the activity

And it’s enough


Concept Art: Zari

I’ve done probably too much character art for Zari, and I really need to get working on a finalized sheet for them since I’ve changed their design so many times, but I at least got the top half off the outfits done for when they were in the first saints row game. They go from really formal to business casual by the end of the game as they finally get some money to buy better clothes. Then they become the head of the saints and that kinda just goes out the window, lol.zari.png

V Reacts: Static Shock

So, I had a movie night with some other friends last tonight (tonight, I guess, since I’m still up) but it was a blast. The full story is that the movie room was closed so I dragged my tv to the art room so we could still watch stuff, but man. I didn’t expect them to put on static shock, and honestly I’m glad that they did. It was a really good show, with lots of sarcasm and humor from the characters and so many references. We only got to the fourth episode where the villain is made out of rubber, but man, I am definitely going to start watching it alongside yu-gi-oh because I liked the just what was going on, even if it was a little crazy and ridiculous at times.

Ride the Lightning

This is a companion piece to Superlove, but it can be read alone without it. Again I don’t own the song lyrics, those all belong to Metallica, but I do own Mya and La’Rae. I hope you enjoy!



I can’t lie, I never was fond of metal or rock music. Mya loved it, her jeans torn, hair constantly dyed pitch black, piercings everywhere. It was the antithesis to how I looked, what I listened to, my floral pajamas and dresses, heels rather than boots, and I always dyed my hair the color or lilac or lavender when it came time to dye our hair. She wore her hair straight, long and straight to her waist, and I wore mine natural, the thick curls staying close to the roots, in a tight ponytail because I refused to deal with anything longer than shoulder length hair when it came to wash day. But gods, did I love her.

Guilty as charged, but damnit it ain’t right, somebody’s controlling me

She was always listening to the metal music, some of her most often played music was Metallica, as much as I hated their dreary tones and irritating guitar riffs. It wasn’t my style, not something that I liked to listen to, but I loved how much it would make her smile, the piercing in her lip moving away to show teeth as she grinned.

Death in the air, strapped in the electric chair. This can’t be happening to me.

She was always such a hard worker, taking care of the animals at the pet shelter, always filling out forms, always so professional at work in her scrubs when she had to take care of the sicker animals, her hands moving gently to assuage them. I hated her long hours, I hated that we couldn’t be on as many dates as we used to as the shelter began to fill up, that the bags under her eyes weren’t just my imagination, that it wasn’t just her makeup. I wanted to kiss her, to help her with what she was doing, but even one other woman can only do so much. She needed staff, she needed volunteers, she needed other animal doctors. She needed what I couldn’t give her.

Who made you God to say, “I’ll take your life away?”

So, I danced harder, worked harder, stretched more, took better care of myself when she couldn’t remind me that it was 2 am in the morning and I’d been up since the day before at twelve in the afternoon. I wanted to make a few more dollars on the side, do a bit better, organize a few fundraisers, anything so I could help her out. In the end, it wasn’t enough. The shelter closed down without enough funds, without enough people to care for it. Mya had tried to be here and there at the same time and in the end, it didn’t matter. She had tearfully seen off the animals that day, getting as many that she could to good homes, putting the animals that had been horribly sick to sleep that would die without treatment, and getting all the other animals to the shelter in the city. I helped her then, but it wasn’t enough to save the shelter that she loved, and the tears that fell from her eyes made my own heart break. At least one good thing had come out of it, I had thought to myself, angry for even feeling any sort of happiness in this situation. But her bags had been packed, the small loft that she lived in cleaned and returned as she set down boxes in my apartment.

Flash before my eyes, now it’s time to die. Burning in my brain I can feel the flame

I had hung her pictures up on the wall alongside mine, my cat wary of her at first. She’d sunk into herself, typing away at the computer endlessly, trying to look smaller so she didn’t take up so much space, so she wasn’t a burden to me. Every day, before she could wake up, I’d make breakfast for her before I went to the studio, something different each day, and slowly her cheer came back as I woke her up before her alarm. It was going so well in those months. Then, I was given a better opportunity in another state, away from the city we lived in. She’d asked me what I wanted to do, and to this day I still regret breaking up with her to chase my dreams. I didn’t need to chase them at her detriment, I could’ve tried more, I could’ve made it work the long distance, but I didn’t try.

Wait for the sign to flip the switch of death, it’s the beginning of the end

And here I am, in my swanky new apartment, Fluff licking at my tears licking them off my face as Metallica blasted in the background. Thinking back to all the times she kissed me and told me she’d love me forever.


So, a bit on this: it’s all my own work and it’s a companion piece. I just was listening to the song Superlove by Lenny Kravitz and this little story was born. Also the song lyrics are from the song and I don’t own them. Just the characters and their events. Enjoy!




Hips moved to the beat, her eyes closed, tranquil and she moved. I sat at the bar entranced as the drums of the song played overhead.

I want you. I love you. Can’t leave, break through and start anew? I want your super love

She and I weren’t together anymore, we’d come here as friends, with other people, to make the tension fade. But as her feet tapped against the floor and the guitar began to play, the world fell away and I realized that maybe ending it with her was a huge mistake.

We both know the way to go, let us take a chance. This is our last dance

I could almost feel her pulling me on the dancefloor, the jam packed bar no longer around me, instead it was our old apartment and our cat, Fluff, was on the windowsill, purring contently as the sun washed over her. Her hands on my hips, a smothered laugh as she attempted to teach me just a bit of her craft. I wasn’t as good with my feet as she was, all my dexterity gone to my hands rather than my toes, but she didn’t stop. I was wearing a light dress at the time, her in yoga pants, her hair undone and teeth unbrushed. But her favorite song had come on the speaker, and she’d tied her hair back, a look of both joy and concentration on her face. She stretched out her shoulders and warmed up, then frantically switched back through all the songs that passed to get back to the first song that had inspired her. Lenny Kravitz was always La’Rae’s favorite artist.

I want your superlove, I wanna be inside your superlove

I could feel her hand on mine, as the memory faded into bitterness, the house empty save for myself and a new cat, a black one named Sugar, the pots that colorful posters that had hung alongside my Metallica posters left blank spaces on the wall that I had covered up with a new color paint to chase away the sadness that I that grew in my chest and drove me to watch late night sitcoms with Sugar sitting quietly beside me, curling up against my leg. I didn’t want to look at anything other than the screen, because then I’d see how much had changed since she’d left.

I need the spirit with the sexual, I wanna be inside your superlove

My black ripped jeans didn’t mix in with her lacy thongs when we did the laundry anymore, there was no more small moments of silliness when I’d accidentally spill something in the kitchen yet again, or either of us shrieking at the bug in the bathroom. No more kissing her neck after a long day put a crease in her forehead, and no more La’Rae affectionately draping herself over my body to get me to pay attention to her instead of the computer. She was gone, so close but so far. I’d always support her dreams, and if it meant that she had to move to another state to pursue her dreams, if it meant that we couldn’t be together anymore, if it meant that she had to leave me behind as her friend rather than her lover, then I was going to support her, no matter how much it hurt.

I want your superlove, I wanna be inside your superlove. I need the spirit with your sexual, I wanna be inside your superlove

I could see her dancing again, in the apartment that we shared, the martini in my hand making me nostalgic, but suddenly she was there again, a soft, almost embarrassed smile on her face. She threaded her fingers between mine and pulled me out to the dancefloor, the song ending with the last notes of the guitar and she said, “Dance with me again, Mya.”

WIP Shepard

Well, this is obviously a work in progress, but I wanted to post this art because I really like how it’s turning out right now and how far it’s kind of coming along. Hence, why it still has the skeleton on one of the heads and why all the hair isn’t fully drawn in. I wanted to make a new Mass Effect OC because I’ve had Rosane and Altia for so long that I wanted fresh start. And what better way then to do that then by making a whole new character? >:3nova shepard


Since this is my first post and I’m not sure how to really start either, I figured I’d just say hello! I’m glad that you visited my blog and I hope that you enjoy what you see, even if right now it isn’t the most populated. Anyway, welcome to the blog!