So, I was going to post this yesterday, but then I was able to make a bit more headway on some other art and figured I’d post some of it separately so that the tag for certain things wouldn’t get clogged up early on. But! There are two pictures I’m posting today, the wip I have of a character for a dating sim that I’m working on, Maria Prudence, and soon I’ll have official lineart to work with when I start coloring it. Then a picture of Seto Kaiba from ygo because I wanted to draw him and all of his blue eyes white dragons. I quickly realized that is easier said than done, because Kaiba is all noodles I swear. And don’t even get me started on his ridiculous outfits and coats, it’s seriously a pain to draw. Probably because I have no practice drawing him or his outfit, but until then its still a pain. Also, who the heck just wears belts on their arms like that? It makes no sense, so I went with one of his earlier outfits.


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